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    3 Jul 12 20:30 Sky Sports 4 3 Jul 12 23:30 Sky Sports 4 4 Jul 12 07:00 Sky Sports 3We had a shocker! due to the choppy conditions after the third lap the front hatch worked it’s way lose, and subsequently ripped off the boat, meaning we had to check out of the race. The technical reason being that ‘you have to finish the race with everything you started with’…

  • Race One Screened on Sky Sports 3

      The first round of the P1 Powerboat Superstock was screened on Sky Sports 3. The programme can be viewed here. Note the commentators reference to ‘Team IFX thoroughly enjoying themselves more so than the other competitors.’ The attached photo from showing the winners of the third race.

  • IFX Racing – Superstock Plymouth 

      With the first race taking place in Plymouth on May 19th – 20th, IFX Racing Team members Nick Williams and Aaron Emmett took had their rookie status removed with a very respectable set of results. – Race 1 = 7th – Race 2 = 6th – Race 3 = 3rd