Being Silent is a Virtue. ;-)

I’ve been asked so many times about meditation that I thought it was time to explain a little about finding space to make an important decision. I’m not for one moment suggesting that meditation is the answer to everything. Or because I meditate daily, that i’m enlightened, or a guru, or spiritual advanced making me better than any other person. Although put simply because i meditate i find for me it helps immensely in remaining centred! It’s something that I’ve found balancing and helpful, and what’s more it’s now becoming incredibly popular as a practice. It was 1992 that I first learnt of benefits after seeing a gentleman called Wayne Dwyer speak on the subject of Manifestation… and there’s plenty of apps to help you learn. (Fit Mind being the best i’ve noticed.)

But the style I practise is the Vipassana meditation. It’s not religious, but is considered to be the technique used by Buddha.

Be conscious that a Vipassana is not something to be undertaken lightly, as it’s a challenging endeavour, but it is one that I believe is transformative. I ran a marathon in the same year as my first Vipassana, the Marathon was easier. 4.5hrs and it’s over! A Vipassana is 10 day commitment to yourself and your inner peace.