Silence from the London Mayor

Photo courtesy of the Telegraph.
​Not that i expected a response, but following the State of London Debate i decided to contact Sadiq Khan’s Mayoral Department officially through the contact form on their website with the following:

Dear Sir/Madam

I wrote to Mr Khan on the 23rd of June (letter attached) to express the frustrations and obstructions I regularly face as an independent developer (SME), when liaising with local planning authorities, particularly with reference to Camden Planning Department. Unfortunately I have not yet received a response to my letter. I also posed the same question to Mr Khan at the State of London Debate to which he explained James Murray (Deputy Mayor) set up a special fund to assist smaller developers like myself which I would like to find out more about.

I would welcome a meeting with Mr Khan to discuss my concerns further and seek his advice on how to build more homes in line with his estimate of the 50,000 new homes which need to be built each year. We are currently in the process of planning a scheme of 238 units in Slough and would like to be able to work collaboratively with local planning authorities in London to deliver attainable housing.

I look forward to your response and thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully

Mr Aaron Emmett
Director of Click Properties Ltd

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